"Southern All-Star Softball Showcase"

Individual "All-Star" Events

South GA Softball All-Star
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All-Star Event


Check in will begin at 3:00 PM on Saturday.  Players should arrive about 75 minutes prior to their first game.
Managers meeting will be at 2:45 PM.  If you have agreed to manage a team, please be there for this meeting.


What do I wear to an All-Star Showcase?  You should come dressed ready to play the best softball of your life.  Shorts, long pants, what every makes you play your best.  We provide a t-shirt style jersey for every player to wear.  Catchers need to bring all of their own equipment.


When you sign up, you need to be prepared to play any of the three positions you list.  No one is guarrenteed to
play their primary position.

Player placement is based upon several criteria, such as year in school and recommendations.  Priority is always
given to the Seniors or rising Seniors.

Once the teams for an event have been posted,
there is a no refund policy.
A list of all college coaches that attended is available to anyone who requests one, after the event.   

We now have 2 All-Star events a year.  One in January at Georgia Southern University and one in August at Lovejoy Regional Park. 
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