"Southern All-Star Softball Showcase"

Individual "All-Star" Events
Guidelines and Policies
All-Star Event

 Southern All-Star Showcase. 

1)      The event is open to all players in high school or JUCO and/or are under the age 21. Any player with remaining college eligibility who is interested in going to college to play softball is eligible to apply and participate. 
2)      Each team will have 7 position players, 2 pitchers and 2 catchers and will be managed by an experienced adult fast-pitch softball coach.
3)      Each team will get to play 4 - 90 minute games.
4)      After the closing date, the selection committee may make contact with all references and determine the worthiness of each applicant for this event.
5)      After a player's worthiness is determined, they will be placed on a team based on their year in school, verified ability and position requests.
6)      Players will be ranked based on the their class in school. Priority will be given to the amount of time left in a player’s career or opportunities to be evaluated.  I.e.  current seniors will be given the highest priority.  
7)      SATURDAY CONFLICT PLAYERS ONLY – If you desire to participate in this event, but have a high school conflict on Saturday, then you should request to be placed on the team that plays on Sunday only. 
8)      If after all players are ranked by grade and placed in their primary position, there are more players for a position that there are slots, we will go by the players selection for 2nd and 3rd choices. In those rare cases where all 3 slots are filled, a player may be called and asked to be place in the next best available position.
9)  Players will be placed on teams by position and they should be prepared to play that position for every game.  Swapping positions by players during games is not allowed except in the case of an injury or if it is determined that the player does not possess the ability to play the position assigned.
10)  All players will have the maximum opportunity to showcase their talents in a game situation in front of college coach's.
11)  Pitchers and catchers will rotate throughout the game as a pair on a set schedule as to allow both sets to have as close to the same amount of time on the field as the other.  Pitchers and catchers will have the opportunity to hit and then if they successfully reach base, they will be replaced by a courtesy runner.    (I.e pitchers and catchers will rotate after every 5 batters)  All pitchers will pitch from 43’.
12)  Players who have exceptional base running abilities will be allowed to be courtesy runners throughout the game.  These people must notify the manager of their team of their desire to act as a courtesy runner.
13)  A variety of game like situations will be set up during each game. Score is not kept and these are not games.  No winner or loser is recorded. These are game-like situations where players are given the opportunity to showcase their skills in game like situations.  
14)  Players attract coaches and not the other way around. If you are worthy of being evaluated and if you show a genuine interest in going to college, they will come and watch you play.  To find college web sites and coaches e-mail addresses, go to: Collegiate Sports .

"At the request of many of the coach's I have already spoken to, we will not publish a list ahead of time.  The coach's would rather hear from you and would rather have sincere contact from prospective players than having random e-mails sent to them from a published list.   Therefore we expect the players to contact coaches at schools they are interested in attended and likewise we will make every effort to contact and invite every coach too.  This is a recommendation from the coaches I talked to prior to putting this event together. This way the coaches will know who they really want to watch based on the response they get. We will notify all coaches within the Southeast of this event. This will included NCAA Div. 1, 2 and 3; NAIA Div. 1 and 2: and all CC and JUCO. I will give them the particulars of the event such as the format, dates and times. If you want to be recruited, do not expect to just show up and say "here I am, hear me roar!"  It does not work that way.  You have to make yourself known and demand to be noticed if you want to play in the big time!"

15)  Once you are notified of your acceptance to the event, you should immediately contact every coach of every school, either by phone or e-mail, that you are interested in possibly attending and let them know of your participation in this event, your team color and your position.  Remember, no matter what class of school you are in, a player may call or contact a college coach at any time.  The restrictions apply to when the coach may initiate the contact with you. Please remember that starting in 2017-18 this event is being held during an NCAA D1 dead period and D1 coaches cannot attend, but coaches from all other levels can.
16)  A list of schools that attended will be available by request after the event for your information so that you can follow up.
17) The list of accepted players will be posted on the web site approximately 3 weeks prior to the event.
18)  The cost for 2018 events will be $150.
19)  There will NOT be a gate fee for spectators..
 21)  No application will be finalized and no-player will be placed on a team until the full payment is received.  There will be a $25 service charge assessed for any returned check, prior to re-establishing entry into the event. 
22) The Southern All-Star Showcase and its officers reserves the right to refuse anyone who misrepresents themselves, their age and ability from participating in this event.  If this is determined the player will be removed from the event and notified in writing.  A processing fee will be assessed for administrative purposes and costs occurred.
23)  WITHDRAWING FROM THE EVENT - Players withdrawing after being accepted forfeit their right to receive any refund or compensation.  Once you are accepted, there is a no refund policy. If the withdraw is due to a documented injury, illness or close family emergency, we will consider refunding an amount minus certain processing fees. Any player who submits an entry and is not accepted or is placed on the waiting list and does not get in, can request a refund or request the entry fee to carry over to the next available all-star event.
24) WEATHER POLICY - During the event. If a player is unable to get at least 50% of their games in due to inclement weather,  they will receive a $50 refund. If the entire event is postponed due to the weather, all entries are expected to be flexible enough to attend the make-up date.  If after every effort has been made by the player to attend the make-up date and it is determined that they cannot attend due to a reason beyond their control, their only option will be the moving of their entry to the next available all-star event.  If the event is played either on the original date with 50% of the games being played or the make-up date, it is understood that all obligations have been fulfilled by the SS and no refunds or date changes will be allowed. Due to the enormous amount of up-front costs associated with this type of event, there will be no full refunds available. Should the event be canceled all together, all entries will receive a $100 refund and their game shirt.
25) Players accepting and signing a NLI or Scholarship prior to the event may request a refund and upon verification will be issued a refund minus a $25 processing fee.  Verbal commitments are non-binding and therefore not acceptable under this guideline.
26)  Exceptional players from each game will be awarded and announced.
27) Each player is encouraged to bring their own personal profile sheet that will be placed in an area for access only by the college coaches.
28)  Each player is expected to carry their own personal liability and injury insurance for their participation in this event.  By signing up and agreeing to play, it is understood that they are fully covered under their own policy and will not hold the Southern All-Star, its officers and the host facility responsible for any bills incurred while being treated for an injury sustained while participating.  Anyone who participates under false pretenses of this rule will forfeit their right to participate in all future events.


1)      All USA Softball Rules will govern simulated game play and apply except for those outlined below.
2)      We will utilize experienced ASA certified umpires for each game.
3)      Each situation will last 7 innings or 90 minutes, drop dead.   Whichever occurs first.
4)      No score will be kept in any game.
5)      A coin toss between managers 5 min before the scheduled start of the game will determine who bats first and who is in the field first for each time period.
6)      No lineups are required to be given to the umpire.  IT IS NOT A GAME.  Batting order is set by the manager and may be adjusted at his/her discretion without notification.
7)      Score books will only be kept for game organization and as a reference for determining the outstanding participants from each game situation.
8)      Pitchers will pitch from 43’.
9)      Courtesy runners can be used at any time for any player, but must be used for pitchers and catchers once they reach base and play has stopped.  Unless their continuance on base is agreed upon with the manager in advance and they are not the pitcher or catcher who will be taking the field at the start of the next inning.
10)  There will be no infield or outfield warm-up between innings.  Players are expected to get on and off the field and be ready to play.  Coach’s want to see you play, not warm-up.
11)  Pitchers will get 3 to 5 warm-up pitch’s at the start of each inning and no more than 2 warm-up pitch’s each time they rotate into a game.
12)  Each batter will start their at –bat with a 1-0 count. (1 ball, 0 strikes)
13)  There will be no time outs in a game except in the case of an injury.
14)  No protests are allowed.
15)  Umpires will be allowed to correct each other without an appeal from the coach if they feel an errant call has been made due to blocked line of sight by the calling official.
16)  At the start of the 2nd inning a runner will be placed on 2nd base at the start of the inning.  This can be a courtesy runner or the last batter from the previous inning.
17)  At the start of the 4th inning runners will be place on 1st and 2nd at the start of the inning. This should be the last two batters from the previous inning.
18)  At the start of the 6th inning a runner will be placed on 3rd base at the start of the inning. This can be a courtesy runner or the last batter from the previous inning.
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